After Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing in Aurora, CO


Residential carpet cleaning is essential for homeowners looking to maintain a pristine living environment and ensure the longevity of their carpets. Whether you have a busy household with kids and pets or simply want to refresh the appearance of your home, professional carpet cleaning services are the answer. Our team of experienced and reliable technicians is trained, insured, and bonded, guaranteeing exceptional results. By removing outside soil and germs tracked in from high-traffic areas, our carpet cleaning service contributes to a healthier indoor space, giving you peace of mind and a cleaner home.

Worker Performing Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service for Aurora, CO and Denver, CO Company


Auto Dealerships, office buildings, and high traffic areas that need regular carpet cleaning by an expert team of trained, insured, and bonded employees. Are your carpets in the office looking dingy and dirty? Professional carpet cleaning can help your business look cleaner and more professional with a fresh and brighter appearance. In high-traffic areas where outside soil and germs are tracked in, cleaning the carpet can contribute to a healthier indoor space.

Carpet Patching in Golden, CO, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, CO, Littleton

CARPET repairs

Save money with expert carpet repair through Tri R Carpet Care Inc. You don't have to replace the carpet - extend the life of your carpet with small fixes. Here is a high-traffic area where a small patch fixes the damaged area.

Water Damage Restoration in Aurora, CO, Denver, Littleton & Surrounding Areas

Water Damage Restoration & 24/7 Extraction

Tri-R Carpet Care, Inc has a large supply of fans and dehumidifying equipment. Whether it is for your carpet cleaning job or an emergency water extraction, you will receive great care and attention for your property. Our 24/7 Emergency Water Extraction service is there to make a difficult situation less damaging when possible.

Dryer Duct Cleaning in Aurora, CO, Denver, Golden, CO, Highland Ranch, Lakewood, CO, and Littleton

Dryer Vent & Duct Cleaning

Dryer vents can collect a large amount of lint over months and years of use. This lint can become a fire hazard. Take preventive action and call us to clean your vents. Peace of mind for your home and family is worth it. Schedule an appointment with Tri-R Carpet Care, Inc.

Denver, CO Carpet Cleaning Company Performing Tile & Grout Cleaning Service for Commercial Client

Tile, Grout & Stone Care

Tile and stone make a design statement. When the grout gets discolored from simple mopping or dirt tracked in over time, the appearance is less clean and sharp. Our special equipment can do a thorough cleaning and improve the look of the tile, stone, and grout. Call us for a quote and to schedule your professional Tile, Grout cleaning appointment.

Crime scene cleanup Denver, Front Range

Crime Scene Cleanup

Untimely death or crime scene areas don't require you to take a difficult cleanup. Call us for industrial-strength techniques and training for scene cleanup. We were one of the first companies in Colorado to offer this type of cleaning service. The equipment used for these situations is not used for any of the other cleaning services for residential or commercial. Our training and professionalism will make a hard situation less of a stress for you. Call Kevin and his team will take care of the professional cleaning for you.

Carpet Trimming During Carpet Repair and Stretching in Denver, CO


Does your carpet have areas where bumps or excess carpet make your home feel less than beautiful? Save money on the cost of a new carpet and instead request a quote on carpet stretching. If you aren't ready to replace your carpet, maybe it needs to be stretched and trimmed to fit properly. Call Tri-R Carpet for their expertise.