We Will Apply Disinfectant at Your Office, Home, Common Areas With EPA Approved Chemicals to Kill The Coronavirus

Help Customer and Employee Confidence:

With the Covid-19 Virus Stay-At-Home orders, there are times that it makes sense to call in experts to clean and disinfect locations with people and tools designed for that extra level of attention.

Precautionary Protection for businesses - even with no known contamination.

Possible Exposure of Coronavirus - Areas where an exposure is suspected (an infected person or previously asymptomatic who became ill) can be treated increasing confidence and protection.

Confirmed Exposure of Covid-19 at a business or public space requires proper decontamination. Your safety and reduced anxiety are important to your business success in these challenging times.

If you have a business, public space, home or vehicle that is needing to be disinfected from coronavirus, we are ready to help.

Let Us Do The Dirty Work on Killing
The Virus at Home or Work

Clean Up of Covid-19 Coronavirus - Commercial / Residential

EPA approved Chemicals Kill the Virus

The CDC designated COVID-19 a Pandemic

What you need to know

Only wiping surfaces to disinfect can miss areas of possible contamination. Tri R Carpet Care has the tools and EPA approved chemicals that can be applied. Your office, nursing home, apartment or condo public common areas are treatable.

Need Experts to Help With An Exposure?

Call to schedule your day or night treatments with high-profile gear (pictured) or lower-profile with mask/respirator, gloves worn. It is our goal to help you with consideration to what is most important for your needs.

Tri-R Carpet Care is considered and Essential Business during the COVID-19 lockdown. We have applied disinfectant in cases for Homeland Security and Emergency, Colorado Health and Human Services, as well as numerous Commercial locations.

Examples of Rooms or Equipment:

  • Elevators and Stairwells
  • Retail Spaces
  • Office
  • Fitness Areas
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Vehicles (Public and Private)

Disinfect Your Vehicle

Kevin treating a vehicle that may have been contaminated with Covid-19. We use the methods recommended for your vehicle.

Professional Equipment

We use tools that get the job of disinfecting indoor spaces done for your safety and others.

Commercial Spaces

Hotel room, Office, Warehouse, no job is too big or small when it comes to disinfecting for your team or customer safety.